The need to meet climate change obligations and to address resource constraints will require a radical shift in the design of infrastructure, transportation, energy and manufacturing systems. The Conceptualisation of Sustainable Futures (CSF) day aims to explore how this may be achieved by developing a thorough understanding of the challenges inherent in changing complex systems to become more sustainable and setting out new design approaches to address the issue.

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Engineering our future: design, life cycle and systems thinking

Prof. Chris McMahon, DTU-MEK

Chris McMahon is former Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Bristol in the UK, and immediate Past-President of the international Design Society. In this talk he will outline how design, life cycle and systems thinking can come together to help us address resource and environmental constraints in the 21st century.


The Future Challenges of Sustainable Energy (TBC)

Henrik Stiesdal, Wind Power Pioneer

Former CTO of Siemens Wind Power for 27 years. He is a Danish inventor & businessman in the modern wind power industry. In 1978, he designed one of the first wind turbines representing the so-called "Danish Concept" which dominated the global wind industry through the 1980s. During his professional career, Stiesdal has made more than 175 inventions and has received more than 650 patents related to wind power technology.




The Water/Food/Energy Nexus (TBC)

Dr. Aidong Yang, University of Oxford, UK

University Lecturer in the Department of Engineering Science and Research Fellow of Green Templeton College. His research involves developing methods and tools for modelling biochemical processes and related systems and in applying models and other systems engineering approaches to support the development of sustainable energy, engineering and manufacturing systems.


The Future Challenges of Sustainable Manufacturing (TBC)

Prof. Steve Evans, University of Cambridge

Director of the Centre for Industrial Sustainability at the University of Cambridge, where he leads research that seeks a deep understanding of how industry develop solutions that move us towards a sustainable future. He has 12 years industrial experience and over 20 years of academic experience in improving engineering performance and tackling complex, real-life problems, which includes working collaboratively with leading industrial and academic institutions from around the globe.




WORKSHOP: The Micro Design Innovation approach

Prof. Kristin Wood, Head of Pillar, Engineering Product Development, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Details of workshop to follow…




The following talks will be on the topic of Reconceptualising the Engineered World Speakers to be announced…