Product architectures (PA) have during the last ten years gained increasing interest from both academia and industry. There is no doubt that implementation of PA has the potential to significantly reduce time to market and time to money. The transition from current way of working, to Product Architectures is however very difficult. The Product Architecture Day will present state of the art theory and practice in the area.

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Product Architectures: From Product Platforms to Oil Platforms (TBC)

Prof. Niels Henrik Mortensen, Head of Section of Engineering Design & Product Development, DTU-MEK

In more than 20 years, Professor Niels Henrik Mortensen has studied 200+ industrial projects on modularity and developed a state of the art method for developing product families. The presentation explains how modular product development can significantly reduce time to market for new products. Also, the innovation level can be increased due to a more focused approach. The basic principles will be described: Interfaces stable over time, right number of architectures and scalability of key systems and modules.


Electrolux experience with financial top driven modularization

Christian Eskildsen , VP Global Operations & Head Modularization at Electrolux





Collaborative Product and Manufacturing Platform Development in Grundfos - Tangible reduction of complexity and cost

Bjørn Langeland, Chief Engineer & Martin Løkkegaard, PhD Student