The current industrial shift from selling products to providing Product/Service-Systems (PSS) drives new business opportunities and sustainability improvement. The Product/Service-Systems Day aims to bring researchers and practitioners together and establish a platform for discussions and a fruitful knowledge exchange on experiences, challenges and opportunities.

For more information please contact: Co-Chair: Dr. Daniela Pigosso or Co-Chair: Prof. Tim McAloone

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Sustainable Product Service Systems (TBC)

Prof. Tim McAloone/ Ass. Prof. Daniela Pigosso

Tim and Daniela run the Product/Service-Systems (PSS) and Eco Design group at DTU. Recent work has focused on bringing their knowledge and expertise from PSS and Eco-Design into the Circular Economy research field. Both Tim and Daniela are co-founders and active researchers in spin-out company essensus who focus on mapping and nurturing the eco-maturity profiles of companies.


CPH Village (TBC)

Frederik Noltenius Busck, Co-Founder & Director at CPH Village

In every major city, young people struggle to find a place to live. Starting in Copenhagen, CPH Village are building a network of mobile and sustainable villages to help solve this problem.